And also coverage.

The main question I get asked is how much I am for pre-wedding prep or ceremony to speech coverage etc so hopefully I can keep it simple here:





One price.  One offering.  Zero packages.  I believe in all.

If I’m in, I’m in.  I’m not leaving after a speech or before a dance – you might want a first dance at 11am or the speeches at midnight.  I’m there, not missing a moment of the action.

Investment depends on location and time of year but put simply, if you’re celebrating, I’m shooting.  In it for the long game with a long lens.  Hands on, all in, I’m invested.

That’s what you’re paying for.  Not just my portraiture (although it’s fire #JustSaying) but also my presence.  A good photographer is your partner at the end of the day, witnessing it all, not just the cake but also the crumbs.

One package, one price, one love.

Get in touch to find out exactly what I do as part of my one and only offering.